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Shree Ratnakar Tatya

Ratnakar had Devine Mission of being tranformed to a Param Yogi by the Grace of Shree

Ratnakar Ramrao Nargundkar was born in Bel-gaum on 8.06.1926.

He was given by Shree the Nirvikalpa Samadhi ("I and the father are one ") in the night to 15.06.1964.

Ratnakar's task consisted in demonstrating the mankind a better understanding of "what one can reach and which experiences one makes on the spiritual path." According to Shree he stopped his spiritual transformation to a Param Yogi to write "Sadguru's Bestowal."

He terminated his bodily presence on 9. May 2000.

On August 11, 1973 Shree said to Ratnakar: "When one looks at you from toe to head, one should have the Darshan of the Supreme Yogic State.... Paranjpe (Vasant) will explain the theory and you will describe the acquisition of the Supreme State of Yoga....You will narrate what you have achieved and Paranjpe will explain how to climb each step.... You can give your message to every nook an corner of the world, right from this place. You will not tell what you have read, but, what you have experienced. This State is to be achieved.... Even the solemn sovereignty of the unsiverse is very trivial compared to this Yogic State...

On October 26, 1974 Shree said to Ratnakar: "Every joint, every atom of your body has been purified and you experience it often."

On March 3, 1975 Shree said to Ratnakar: "Do not think that you are suffering from some mental defect. The Sakshat Darshan you see is not an illusion. It is a fact. (When Ratnakar looks at Shree's photograph, it appears totally as his own.).....

On March 13, 1975 Shree said to Ratnakar: "Now that you have reached a definite stage, you may not even feel the curtain. The curtain is there now only for names sake."

On May 2, 1975 Shree said to Ratnakar: "Once you lose consciousness of the body thousand Gu-rus will approach you."

In 1975 Shree said to Ratnakar: "I and my Father are one. You have approached this stage."

Shree have transformed the lives of many at various degrees; but, an ultimatum was set when They translated the spiritual law dictated by the scriptures – “ I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE ”, as They bestowed upon Shree Ratnakar Nargundkar (alias Tatya as we fondly call Him) the highest spiritual achievement – The Nirvikalp Samadhi – another mission accomplished – a star was born – one in a thousand !!!

A detailed narration of this transformation is gracefully documented by the achiever – Tatya as ‘ Sadguru’s Bestowal ’, and published by Shree’s will as an epic in 1972. Tatya walked the path of spiritual attainment until the final goal was achieved. All the spiritual stages, the mental state, and the physical reactions of the sadhak are vividly described in the epic. It would be a vain effort to encapsulate the epic in my words since its best to read the original.

Sent by Girish Nargundkar

Sadguru Samarth Vani:

The Divine Grace of Shree Ratnakar Nargundkar dwelt into Gaurang and precipitated as words of ecstasy .......Sadguru Samarth Vani was initiated. The intense powers of a Param-sadguru and His complete con-trol over His disciple beyond the limitations of any geographical location or language are perfectly demonstrated by instrumenting Gaurang to the Divine Will of his Paramsadguru Shree Tatya. Sadguru Samarth Vani is the saga, emanated through the eternal Bliss that engulfed a devoted disciple.

Profecy of Goraknath

The ego of a person is inversely proportional to his knowledge. Shree bestowed Nirvikalpa Sa-madhi on one of Their disciples and then made him do penance in Their presence for twelve years, when he could attain the state of savikalpa Samadhi, a state of eternity with a thin trans-parent curtain between the Sup-reme Soul an him. Shree had made an open acknowledgement at the time that the disciple has reached the state of "I and the Supreme Soul are one and the same." At an appropriate time this thin transparent curtain also vanished. When the disciple at-tained the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, a state of eternity, knowledge and bliss.

The Universal Commandment

In the present age this is the message of the Vedas. This is the religious path says Shree's Commandment. The Fivefold Path is the Commandment of the Vedas. This, the Devyan Path is Ratnakar's commandment.

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