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Five Fold Path Satsang Transcripts

May, 2011

10 Commandments Satsang Series
The 10 basic principles of the Vedas

These are the Vedic principles known as the 10 Commandments of Shree ParamSadguru Gajanan Maharaj of Akkalkot.

These 10 Commandments were prescribed to prepare oneself to follow the Five-Fold Path to march forward in the path of light. The first nine commandments are the disciplines to practice in daily life. The last commandment - Ishwar Pranidhan is the most important; It means “na mama”, that is “not mine”. Na mama is the ultimate aim. This is Agnihotra. Param Sadguru says: “Whoever obeys these Ten Commandments of the Holy Vedas will, without doubt, be liberated. However, these Ten Commandments are to be followed virtually by body, speech and mind.”  

  1. Satya - Truth

  2. Ahimsa - Non - violence

  3. Sarva Bhooti Daya - Compassion for all

  4. Shiva Sankalpa - May your mind always affirm the holy

  5. Datrutva  - Inculculate the habit to sharing assets

  6. Pavitracharan - Purity of deed

  7. Brama Charya - Habits to unfolding the divine

  8. Tapa - Self - Discipline

  9. Swadhyaya - Self - Recognition

  10. Ishwar Pranidhan - Surrender to His Will - “Thy will be done”


10 Commandments Satsang Transcripts
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