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  • Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj
    Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Akkalkot, India (1918 - 1987) known universally as Shree. SADGURU means PERFECT MASTER. PARAMA SADGURU means highest among the PERFECT MASTERS. Before a great Divine Incarnation graces our planet by manifestation, the parents are informed by some instrument of Divine Will. Similarly, at the time of birth, intimation is given. Again, at a later date, the same thing is announced. Four years prior to the birth of Parama Sadguru, a great Yogi informed the (mother that she would "give birth to the Light of the world". The "Son of Man" was born four years later. On Christmas day, 25th December 1941, the allotted task of the Son of Man was revealed by the Will of the Almighty Father. He was further informed that the time for unfoldment was yet to be. It is interesting to note that in the revelation the words used by the Divine were "Son of Man". The mother of the Son of Man was a great Yogini. Yogini is feminine for Yogi. The father was a great Nada Brahma Yogi. Nada Brahma means the "Word that was in the beginning, which was with God, which was God and by which everything was made that was made". His personal needs were extremely limited. He wore an unstitched white dhoti around His waist and carried another piece of white cloth on His shoulders. He spent most of the time in His meditation room sitting on a small square wooden stool, where He received disciples and visitors from all over the world. Along with Creation, Almighty Father gave the first revelation, i.e. the Vedas. All incarnations, all Divine Messengers come to reiterate the message of the Fivefold Path given through the first revelation. The Messengers lay stress on certain aspects of the message in view of the conditions in which they manifest. Parama Sadguru has stated that Self Realization, Liberation, comes only through total surrender to the Almighty. All spiritual practice should lead us to this goal. Surrender implies an egoless state. The highest attainment of human existence is "Not my will but Thy will be done". This is the end of all Yoga. On 27th September, 1944 (Dassera according to the Indian calendar) Parama Sadguru took the most potent vow at the feet of His Guru, Lord Parshuram, the Eternal Avatar: "I will resuscitate Vedas."
  • Total Surrender
    Param Sadguru once said, "Whatever Almighty has willed to be done through our instrument shall be done. Our whole life is totally dedicated to Him. He who revealed to us our allotted task shall grant us the necessary strength to fulfill it. "It is not for us to advise people to follow any particular individual. "If it is the will of the Almighty to convey to the world any message through us He will do so. We are merely his slaves. "We are not votaries of any religious denomination. Whether it is the Bible or the Quran or the doctrines of Hindus we will convey the message with equal yearning. "We have asked people not to call us GURU. Many have imposed Guru-hood on us. Many have experienced super-human powers with us. Many have witnessed miracles. We are mere witness of, not the doers of these things. "We surrendered totally to the Almighty and He started utilizing our body as His instrument. Each one has to tread his path of Self-realization." In January of 1986 at Akkalkot Shree said: "Once you inculcate the attitude of TOTAL SURRENDER no other special discipline is necessary as this attitude itself is the culmination of all religious practice. Similarly the Bhagavadgeeta states, 'All religious practices you can do away with if you approach ME with an attitude of TOTAL SURRENDER. I shall redeem thee of all sins.' "Cultivate the attitude of TOTAL SURRENDER. All your sins wither away. "Holy Bible gives the same message. Jesus the Christ was made to know about the danger to His life. He thought, "Be it so, if through my sacrifice the message of Almighty Father spreads all over the planet. "Prophet Muhammad always walked with head bent down indicating TOTAL SURRENDER to the Almighty. His message was TOTAL SURRENDER. Prophet Muhammad was given a vision. He saw LIGHT in the cave where he was in meditation. "Buddha, the Blessed One, was given BODHI (Illumination) that He was the LIGHT of the world. "The mystical power of regular practice of sunrise/sunset Agnihotra leads to this state of TOTAL SURRENDER." "Around these words is woven the thread of life. This is what life is for. It is the ultimate goal." Soorya does not refer to the physical sun of our solar system. There are countless billions of suns in our universe alone. "Soo" means to create. Hence Soorya refers to the creator. Prajapati also refers to the creator. "Idam na mama" means 'this is not mine.' It is equivalent to "Not my will but thy will be done," of the Bible. " 'Love thy neighbor as thyself.' You have found the path which takes you to Bliss Eternal. Convey this message to thy neighbor. "Convey to the whole world this message of LOVE given by Almighty Father. "Say, 'Repent. The Kingdom of Heaven is near at hand; nay, the Kingdom of Heaven is right in your palm.' " (Translated from original Marathi.) Shree was born on May 17, 1918. On Christmas day, December 25, 1941 Shree’s allotted task was revealed to Him by the Will of Almighty Father. Lord Jesus’ birthday is celebrated on December 25th. The only sermon He gave to His disciples, known as "Sermon on the Mount" was given on May 17. So one can say that Jesus’ birthday, 25th December, is Shree’s Bodhi day (illumination for the sake of the world) and Shree’s birthday, May 17, is the day on which Jesus gave illumination to the world by conveying His message. Both these days are celebrated every year in Tapovan.
  • Messages
    Shree often stated, "I am not come to destroy but to fulfill the law and the prophets." Shree’s message of Agnihotra for purification of the atmosphere and for doing away with the effects of pollution, including thought pollution, has come in fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy about sunrise/sunset fire given in the Bible: "This vision about the evening and morning sacrifices which has been explained to you will come true. But keep it secret now, because it will be long time before it does come true." (Daniel 8:26, The Good News Bible, American Bible Society, 1976.) Shree’s Message—July, 1975: "Showers of love to all, oh seekers of Eternal Truth, oh travellers of Divine Path. Grace of Almighty Father, which is in heaven, always be with you. Kingdom of Heaven is nearing now. Om Tat Sat." Shree’s Message—May, 1979: "Grace be with you all, oh travellers of Kingdom of Heaven. Light of the world has descended on earth. Divine light is spreading throughout the whole planet. Kingdom of Heaven is near at hand. Blessed are who saw the light, fortunate are who walked in light, for they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. OM." Shree’s Message—April, 1982: "Oh travellers of Kingdom of Heaven, travel on Fivefold Path, the Path of Almighty Father. Light, everywhere light. Showers, showers of bliss all over. No fear, no anxiety no danger of judgment. Freedom ever freedom. Kingdom of Heaven is near near at hand. Grace of Almighty Father be with you all." Gurus » Shree Gajanan Maharaj . Shree Gajanan Maharaj Submitted by Naradananda on Fri, 02/20/2009 - 11:31. Fast FactsOther Names and Nicknames: Shree Function: Spiritual Teacher Traditions: Agnihotra, Homa. Vedanta Main Countries of Activity: India Date of Birth: 17/05/1918 Place of Birth: India In His/Her Body ("alive"): No Date Left His/Her Body: 06/12/1987 BiographyTeachingsLocationsLinks Biography Shree Gajanan Maharaj is recognized as the mythological incarnation 'Kalki'. According to the ancient scriptures, it is stated that a divine incarnation will manifest on the planet to destroy 'Kalka' meaning pollution, and resuscitate the Vedas. He will re-establish Satya-Dharma (Eternal Religion). The message of Shree delivers the planet from all types of 'Kalka'. The process of Agnihotra revived by Shree purifies the atmosphere and human mind. Thus the epithet kalki is befitting.
  • Extraordinary Mission
    Shree, is the harbinger of the message of humanity. He fulfilled the great task of resuscitation of the Vedas and bestowed upon mankind its birthright to follow the eternal Vedic principles. Word 'Veda' means knowledge and knowledge is always for the benefit of humanity. He threw open the gates of Vedic knowledge to all and announced that a common cosmic energy pulsates through all humanity. He stated explicitly that all people irrespective of their sex, age, caste, creed, colour and language are worthy of becoming true followers of the ancient most Satya Dharma (Eternal Religion). That the basic religion of mankind has always been one and could only be one was asserted. He clarified that the preaching of all prophets, messengers, 'Avatars' 'Paigambars' and saints owe its origin to Vedas. The practice of religion was made so simple by Him that even the commonest of the common could adopt it without any difficulty. He taught His principles with the love and compassionate care of a mother feeding her child. The work of Paramsadguru is extraordinary. During past thousands of years many misunderstandings regarding Satya Dharma have cropped up. There was confusion caused by mushrooming of various sects and creeds. Instead of understanding and following Eternal Religion people debated over as to whose creed was inferior. In fact the religion should arouse love and compassion in individuals but in reality impiety proliferated. The essence was obliterated and the Truth was clouded. Paramsadguru cleared these dark clouds of doubts by reiterating the fundamental Vedic principles. The religion was presented precisely in the same form as Vedas prescribed it. He ordained the essential religious disciplines in minimal measure by practice of which separated and egoistic minds became healthy and came close to each other. GURU AND PARAMSADGURU There is a fundamental difference between two words Guru and Sadguru. Guru is a guide and bestower of the knowledge. It is rare to find a person of Sadguru status. Those who have had the divine vision of Ultimate supreme (Tat sat) state and those who can also show That (Tat) to others are Sadguru. Shree is referred to as Paramsadguru - the highest among the Sadgurus - i.e. Divine Incarnate. Such Supreme Masters descend in human form only after ages, even to obtain a sight of whom is the rarest of the rare occasions. Their actual company is still rarer. They enjoy universal status.
  • Parents
    Swami Shivananda, the incarnate of Lord Shiva himself, a great Yogi who perpetuated the Mantra Yoga of sound 'Om' (Nadabramha) & Yogini Sonamata were Shree's parents. They belonged to the noble family of Rajimwale, the chieftains of an area of 84 villages like Rajim, Raipur, Ratnapur & Pendra etc. of the present Madhya Pradesh (India).They were Yogis and even though they lived amidst riches they were totally unattached to worldly matters. Sarvamangala Bhagavati Sonamata was incarnation of Goddess Gayatri, while father Shivanand Swami was Lord Shiva incarnate. By the grace of a Yogi it was revealed to Sonamata that her pure womb was to give birth to the 'Light of the Universe' or 'Son of Man'.
  • Indications Before Birth
    Preparation for the arrival of an Avatar (incarnation) is done at various levels and places prior to His birth. Several people are given indication before the actual manifestation of the Divine. Mother of Shree, Yogini Sonamata had, prior to the birth of Child Gajanan, revelations that, "The Light of Universe was to take birth through her womb". She had fourteen indicative visions before the conception. Elephant, Bull, Lion, Goddess Lakshmi, Garland, Moon, Sun, The holy flag, Kumbha (A pitcher filled with water on top of which are few mango leaves and a coconut on the mouth of this pot) , Lotus, lake, airplane, heap of jewels and fire without smoke were some of the visions. Trishaladevi, mother of Lord Mahavira also had similar fourteen visions before his birth. The divine power in the form of child Gajanan was to manifest through the womb of Sonamata in order to show the path of light to the world. Satya Dharma was to dawn on the horizon of universe. While Sonamata was aware of the divine child that was growing in her womb, Sadguru Upasani Baba (Sakori, Dist. Ahmednagar - Maharashtara), moving from place to place reached Kharagapur during the same period. There he was engrossed in the service of poor and downtrodden people. Even today one can visit a place called 'Plinth of Upasani Baba' in a scavenger's locality in Kharagapur.
  • Descent At Transitional Moment
    Paramsadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj was born on 17th May 1918 at Kharagapur (near Kolkata in West Bengal, India). To be precise He was born during the transition of 16th and 17th May, i.e. 00.42 hrs. at midnight. The event occurred as 16th May ended and 17th May began. Supreme beings are usually born during transitional moments such as sunrise, sunset, mid-noon and midnight. Even Lord Jesus, Lord Krishna were born in the midnight. Kharagpur has now become a place of pilgrimage because this divine child was born here. Kharagapur is famous since the mythological times. This is the place where king Bhadrayu was offered the Khadga (Sword) by great sage Shivayogi, hence the name Khadagapur. It is the same place where holy Shiva temple of Khadageswar is situated. In addition there is also a temple of Pradhyumna - the son of Shri Krishna in the same locality. Tatyaji Maharaj, Shree's grandfather, was a gifted astrologer. On getting the news of Shree's birth, he immediately prepared His horoscope and prophesized "the boy has 'Pravarjaya yoga' (stars indicating future as a wandering mendicant).
  • Divinity Manifests In Childhood
    Born in a noble family, the child was destined to fulfill the divine wish. Shree had the stars of a sovereign King or Supreme Yogic Master in His horoscope. According to the Buddhist tradition similar was the positioning of stars in the horoscope of Lord Buddha. Victory over death : Even in a very tender age the divine power in Shree had already started manifesting. He was merely three years old and was with His parents in Raipur in their paternal mansion. Umakaki, wife of Shri Gangadhar Maharaj, had come here from Akkalkot, to nurse her niece Sonamata during her second maternity. At the time of this particular incident Shree was in the arms of Umakaki. She had just returned after attending a religious function in the town. As she needed to wash her feet before entering the house she alighted Shree from her arms and made Him stand and went to the washroom. Standing there Shree just suddenly saw a big, fierce mouse on the wall. Instinctively He felt that the mouse was following Him. Recalling the whole incidence Shree said, " the mouse looked at Us and so did We at him. We both stared at each other. In the meantime Umakaki returned. She took Us again in her arms and entered the house. The mouse was now in the attacking position. Watching his advance We reacted instantly saying, "See, he is now on My shoulder, now, now he is on My back and look, here he is on My stomach." The mouse continued to advance. It was aiming to position itself on the top of Our head. Our incessant complaints continued. People in the house thought this to be some kind of black magic or a certain bad spell because the mouse was not visible to others. Immediately We were taken to a nearby temple. Sorcerer, conversant with overcoming charms and evil spells were summoned. Soon they began their efforts. However nothing worked. The mouse was not confronting Us. He was trying to attack from hind-sides in his attempt to reach the summit of Our head. His victory lied only in attaining that position. Second day passed. So also the third. Now another sorcerer was summoned. To begin with he showered lots of cloves spelled with Mantras all over Us. Having done this he now took some more cloves in one of his hands and began chanting mantras again. He would now take one single clove at a time and holding it in one hand would bring the end of the other closer to it while chanting the mantras. The effect of the mantras was such that after each chanting the single clove used to get stuck to the other without any external adhesion. In this manner he prepared a garland of such cloves which were glued to each other only with the power of the mantras. He then put this garland in Our neck." "At night the mouse once again resumed the attack. However, this night We perceived that where We fixed our gaze that particular place or spot glowed with bright shining light. The light remained only in the sphere of Our glance, the rest of the place remained in dark. This night the attacking mouse suddenly came before Us, in the sphere of our light. Three days ago We had seen him exactly like that in front of Us. Now once again he appeared before Us in the same manner. But this time he was arrested in the glow of Our light. The effect was instantaneous. He just could not move even slightly. Seeing him thus completely immobilized and in a desperately helpless state we felt sudden pity for him and hence removed our gaze. Not losing the moment he grabbed the opportunity and retreated immediately and never appeared before us again. People thought the Sorcerer's clove were wonderful. Actually what worked was the glow of our light which had appeared where ever we had fixed Our gaze. This had made it impossible for him to successfully attack the top of Our head because he became motionless when arrested in the glow of Our light. It was because of this reason that it disappeared at the first available opportunity. The mouse is considered a rodent bestowed with the power of total annihilation. In a slow but consistently methodical manner it destroys anything that attracts its fancy. It is a synonym for time. The function of time or period is also the same. It slowly but consistently eats away life out of all matter in this universe and makes it worthless and dead. The scriptures depict mouse as the vehicle of Lord Ganesh. This suggests that the Lord has attained victory over this destructive element of Time and has made it his vehicle. The lord has full command over it. Similarly, the above incident in Shree's life shows that at an early age itself he had attained complete victory over death. Watch is a symbol of 'Time'. It's consistent ticking reminds us that steadily time is running out. To show the control of Time over us we find that our wrists are gripped in the clutches of death. But because Shree had attained victory over death, He normally held the symbol of time i.e. watch easily in His palm and not on His wrist. Holy Fire engulfs Shree Next year in 1922 another revealing incident occurred in Shree's life. It happened on 1/12/1922. Then Shree was just four years old. During the days of winter once Shree was sitting near a small fire to ward off the cold when suddenly His jacket caught fire and was soon ablaze. Everybody around was alarmed. Child Gajanan, crying loudly started running around. Soon someone extinguished the fire. On removing the coat people saw that the coat had almost entirely burnt but child Gajanan was absolutely unhurt. This was a miracle. Child Gajanan Himself was an incarnation of 'Agni' (Holy Fire) how could He ever be harmed by fire! Presence of Lord Ganesh After the samadhi of mother Sonamata, Shree spent a few years in the holy presence of Sadguru Upasani Maharaj at Sakori. Here He was staying with His maternal grandfather Shri Shri Bahusaheb Shingwekar. Once Shri Bhausaheb had to leave the house for some reason. When he returned, the door was open but child Gajanan was not to be seen in the house. On returning from outside, Shri Bhausaheb asked Him, "Dear son, why did You not lock the house when You had to go out?" Child Gajanan replied "How could I lock the door when Lord Ganesha was present inside?" On another occasion child Gajanan drew the letter 'Om' all over the floor Seeing this, grandfather Bhausaheb asked Him ' You have drawn Om all over the floor. Now where should I step and put my foot?" Child Gajanan remarked "Is there a place where 'Omkar' is not present? It is all pervading."
  • First Padyapooja
    On 27th August 1924 a remarkable thing happened. On this day Maharaj Krishnaprasad of Hyderabad state was visiting Sakori along with His entourage. Here he saw, for the first time, six year old Shree. The sight of this young ascetic inspired him deeply. He was overcome by a feeling of devotion. Instinctively he felt a strong desire to worship the child with all his heart, like he would worship a saint. His feeling was so genuine that promptly he laid a special decorative seat for Shree and seating Him over it ceremoniously worshipped Him. All present were deeply touched by this unique incident. The worship over, Shree happily ran straight to Baba and said unto him, "the prince who is here today has worshipped Us." Prophesizing Shri Baba said, "Why talk about one prince alone, all will worship You. He is a king. Nevertheless You too are a king!"
  • Thread-ceremony
    Upanayana (Thread ceremony) of Paramsadguru was preformed by the sage of Sakori Shri Upasani Baba. who was a disciple of Sai Baba - a highly evolved master of village Shirdi. It is not just a coincidence that the thread ceremony of Shree was performed by a spiritually evolved person. It was verily a matter of indication that Paramsadguru was associated with Shirdi and Sakori. After the thread-ceremony child Gajanan sincerely led a life regulated by various spiritual disciplines prescribed in the scriptures as the Brahmacharya vratas. He followed the religious observances so strictly that He appeared to people like a young ascetic. Carrying a staff of Palash-wood in hand, bathing three times a day, practice of daily Fire worship, practicing asanas especially suryanamaskara (solar salutes) was His routine. He stopped sleeping on comfortable mattresses and instead began using a coarse blanket. As prescribed He also took the discipline of collecting food in alms for self subsistence. He used to wrap the food received in alms in a cotton cloth and would first dip it in the flowing canal of Pravara river to wipe out the vibrational effects and the taste of cooking This rendered the food satvik. Having done this He would then take the food to Shri Baba and laying it at his holy feet thereafter would consume it. Bhausaheb Shingwekar was a renowned Vedic scholar. He used to teach Vedic mantras to students in his room everyday at Sakori. The teaching involved chanting of Vedic mantras with proper accents and clear voice. Shree used to hear these lessons from out side the room. This was the only formal education He received about the Vedas. For Him, It was sufficient to grasp all of it and become a Vedic scholar. Even in journey He used to be particular and strict about the disciplines. About a year after the thread ceremony He was once travelling to Akkalkot by train. He was in an attire of young yogi. Included in His small luggage, He had a Ganesh idol which was most dear to Him. He stood in a corner of the coach carefully guarding Himself from the touch of other people. The co-passengers vacated one berth completely to offer it to Him. It was a unique sight. Paramsadguru alone sitting on the berth along with His Ganesh while other passengers standing and looking on with reverence. Right from childhood Suchitavrata (disciplines observed to maintain cleanliness, purity and sanctity) had become essence of His life. The culmination of this discipline was evident in His daily routine. He was stickler for purity and sanctity having natural inclination towards extreme purity and rigorous observance of sanctity. His style of taking bath, arrangement of His bed, the particular fashion of drying His clothes, His sitting room, His seat, the low stool for resting His feet, not only these but also His every step used to be in accordance with Suchitavrata. He used to ensure highest kind of purity and sanctity in all His actions which is generally difficult for a normal person to follow. He never used to touch anything or anybody or allow any one to touch Him during His worships. In case He was touched by mistake then He would take bath at the earliest possible moment. What was unimaginable and impossible for a common man to follow had become His daily routine. Later, Shri Bhausaheb Shingwekar decided to send Shree to Akkalkot, to stay with his younger brother Gangadharrao, who was the head of a monastery. Then Sonamata was no more in this world and Swami Shivananda was leading life of a recluse in Dirgah. Accordingly Shree came to stay in Gurumandir in 1926.
  • Adolescence
    Shree was admitted in Shahaji High School of Akkalkot. He would keep to Himself and not freely mix with everyone. Only one fellow student with whom He was affectionately associated was Mahadevappa Shabade. Both used to share a bench. Even if Shree would be absent on a particular day no one would sit on His bench Even during those early days, His fellow students maintained a respectful distance from this young and reserved schoolmate. This is the same Shabade kaka who followed Paramsadguru, later like His shadow. He followed and obeyed Paramsadguru's every word like a command. During these days one thought with which Shree was continuously preoccupied was that, what was being taught at the school was not worth calling Vidya (knowledge). It was mere bookish and worldly training enough to enable one to earn his living. Real knowledge would lead to realization and liberation. This was the knowledge, seeking which even the kings had chosen to renounce their riches and surrendered at the feet of Rishis (seers) in the forest ashrams. He was yearning for the real self-realization and pure knowledge and naturally the school curriculum did not attract His attention. However according to some of His school teachers Maths and History were His favorite subjects.
  • Head Of Monastry
    In 1938, at the age of 20, He became the Peethadheesha (Head of the Monastry) of Gurumandir of Akkalkot. This Holy lineage of Masters had issued from Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj, who is respected as the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. Formerly it used to be called 'Sadguru Balappa Math'. It is now known as Gurumandir. Sadguru Gangadhar Maharaj, the brother of Shree's maternal grandfather (Bahusaheb Shingavekar), assumed the charge of Peetha in 1910. At the end of his career Sadguru Gangadhar Maharaj had only one nagging worry as to how and where he will find a spiritually advanced and able person to carry forward the mission of Gurumandir. It is out of this burning urge that he had a vision about a divine child who would be born to reiterate the Satya Dharma, protect the good and destroy the evil. That child was none else than Shree. INITIATION BY AN INVISIBLE MASTER This was in the early half of February in the year 1938. Like everyday in the morning Shree was occupied in the religious services in the main temple of the math. As the hour was about 9 in the morning there was a marked silence all around. And it happened! Suddenly there echoed near Him very distinct sound of a mantra with 32 syllables. Instantly Shree became attentive and wondered who could be uttering the mantra at this hour. He looked around but there was nobody. A few moments passed and again He heard the same mantra for the second time and again very clearly. Now, to satisfy His curiosity, He came out of the sanctum sanctorum to see if Shri Gangadhar Maharaj was chanting the mantra. But no. Shri Gangadhar Maharaj was unwell and at this time was in deep sleep on his bench in the central hall. There was no other person in the hall or anywhere around. Shree returned to His seat and was about to resume the work at hand when once again He heard the same mantra for the third time in the same enchanting, clear voice. This time He became very alert because He realized that the mantra was being chanted very close to His ears but without touching them. Instantly He realized that some highly enlightened divine being, some great Master is initiating Him with this Guru-mantra. He accepted the Mantra. This established the holy relationship of disciple and Master between Him and His invisible master. The identity of the Master however, remained a mystery for the time. This incidence opened new vistas in Shree's life. The happening, however, was of such subtle nature that even if He so desired He could not reveal it to anybody. The secret remained guarded in His heart for many years. Four years later, this so far invisible Master appeared before Him in person and disclosed His identity. He was none other than Lord Parashuram!
  • Marriage
    One year after becoming head of the Math He entered into matrimony. Things were as if being forced upon Him without His consent or involvement According to the Divine plan, His marriage too must have been preplanned He found himself acceding to it although His mind was never in favor of it. In fact He was not interested in entering the normal material and worldly life like everyone else just as He was not interested in pursuing academic education. However, Mother (Shri Gangadhar Maharaj's wife) strongly desired that He should get married now. His reluctance about it had reached to the extent that the thoughts of adopting sanyasa-discipline in which one formally renounces all worldly attachments and possessions, loomed large in His mind With the initiative of the Mother a young girl was introduced to Shree. The girl came along with her family and took darshan like any other devotee. Shree did not give any special attention or thought to it. That same night Shri Gangadhar Maharaj appeared in His vision and said, " The girl which is introduced to you today is approved by us." Shree hailed this approval of the Master as his command and next day conveyed to the Mother His readiness to marry the girl. Soon the marriage took place. Ma Sharada became His wife. Once again the heavens proved right and consequently showered grace upon the disciples of Shree. Ma Sharada, was a mother in the truest sense, compassionate, loving, considerate, ever caring, innocent as a child and always caring for her sons and daughters. (The innumerable disciples of Shree) making them feel important and the most loved ones. Ma Sharada was not only a spouse to Shree but a great aide in His mission. Soon Shree's life's routine was to take drastic turns involving difficult yet tenacious disciplines and Ma Sharada was the only one who could singularly take care of all that efficiently and with a smiling face all the time.
  • Lord Parashuram Visits Gurumandir
    "One evening, during the time of singing evening prayers in the Math, a sage with an imposing figure was standing in the middle of the hall. Nobody had seen Him coming in. He was fair complexioned, with white beard, matted locks of hair, tucking a black antelope skin under His armpit He was wearing a white muslin cloth wrapped around His body. At this moment Bapu Joshi a priest of the math, was going towards the kitchen to fetch something for the on going evening prayers. Waving one of His fingers the visitor beckoned the priest to come closer and said "We will be dining here." This was said in a commanding tone. The priest could say nothing, neither did he make any inquiries, just nodded in acceptance of the command and started proceeding towards the kitchen. While going he casually turned his head once again to look at the visitor. Again the finger waved beckoning him. Almost shaking the priest came and stood near the sage. Now he was told " We require rice cooked from one seer (about a kg.) of grains." Again he simply nodded and going to the kitchen informed the Mother (Shri Gangadhar Maharaj's wife) about the visitor and His demand. By the time the evening prayer was over, rice and semi liquid preparation of gram-floor called 'Besan' or 'Pithale' was ready. This was now brought out to serve the yogi. Tree leaves were spread and soon the sage began eating. Shree was pacing up and down close by. He was asked as to where He stays. In answer He said, " I keep wandering to holy places of pilgrimage." True. Wherever He goes that place must transform into a holy place! There was no other talk. Quietly He dined. Dinner over, He went out and stood under the Audumbar tree in the courtyard of the math. Those days it was the practice to close the Math's main door latching it from inside exactly at 8 p.m., that is immediately after the evening prayers were over. Shabade used to do this job. The holy man called Shabade near Him and said " I will be resting here under the Audumbar tree. No one amongst you should come in the patio at night as long as I am here. I will leave some time in the night." In response Shabade quietly nodded His head. The sage's imposing, appearance coupled with the majestic authoritative voice was so effective that even a hot-headed person like Shabade could utter nothing and neither could he dare to inquire anything. Quietly Shabade retreated. The command was obeyed. Nobody went in the patio at night. Early morning at 3 a.m., when Shabade, like every day, went to open the main door the sage had left. The latch on the main door was still in its place just like Shabade had fixed it at night while closing the door.
  • Poornabhishek : 12th March 1942
    Later manifesting in actual human body Lord Parashurama identifying Himself initiated Shree with the most esoteric Tripuri Mantra. This is the supreme and ancient mantra handed down in most esoteric guru-disciple tradition. Actually according to Tantric scriptures the knowledge of this mantra is merely with divine beings like Lord Shiva, Lord Dattatreya and Lord Parashurama. After initiation into TRIPURI MANTRA, Lord Parashuram performed a special Tantric rite termed as Purnabhishek ( Anointment ) on Paramsadguru. It is the rarest of rare ceremonies occurring after the lapse of eras. It is stated in the Tantra scriptures that to perform such purnabhisheka-initiation rite the guru and the disciple have to be both of a great spiritual stature. By performing this rite the disciple readily attains the highest spiritual goal and becomes siddha. The ceremony took place in the hall outside the main sanctum sanctorum of Guru Mandir. Shree was sitting in front of Lord Parshuram. In front of them was a pitcher filled with holy waters, with a coconut placed on top of it. There were leaves of holy trees like mango and Banyan covering the mouth of it. A yellow piece of cloth was wrapped around it. Lord Parshuram then performed the marriage ceremony of Shree with this pitcher which represents the power of 'Tripuri Mantra'. During the ceremony Lord Parashurama invoked divine beings, ancient seers, deities, manes and incarnations, all of whom became visible in space as they were being invoked. These were being invoked as witnesses to the great rite Then He started blowing air with His mouth in Shree's right ear. The shaft of the air being uninterruptedly blown by Him was very strong, to the point of being unbearable. But Shree could not remove His ear away from it. Instantly every atom of Shree's body became charged with divine energy. With this act Shree was equipped with the amazing power of the most esoteric Tripuri mantra.
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