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2018 NC, USA

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

2018 year I had Sri Mohan Jadhav Guruji's Darshan. At that time I learned how to perform Agnihotra. On the same day while I was conversing about my husband's job with Guruji he told me once you start doing Agnihotra your husband will get a promotion in his job. Later the Satsang started and Guruji explained how to perform Agnihotra and the importance of doing it.

I really like the way Guruji explained everything on that Satsang and I decided to have his darshan again on the next day as well. The second day I again went to spend some time with Guruji. Second-time while I was going for his darshan I took Sri Samartha Ramadasa Swami Leelamrutam Book with me to take Guruji's blessings to get an opportunity to read and finish the book completely. 

Because ever since I received that book in 2017 year, several times though I started reading that book but never completed it due to some of the other obstacles.

I requested Guruji: Guruji I would like to read Samartha Ramadasa Swami's book for the coming 2018 year Gurupournima time but so far I never got an opportunity to read it completely but this time with your blessings I wanted to read completely without any obstacles. Can you please bless me to fulfill my sanklampam.  Then Guruji took that book and blessed me saying this time you will finish.

Later he handed over the book to me.  To my surprise first time, 2018 Gurupournima time I was able to finish reading Ramadasa Swami Book, and my joy has no boundaries. Then I recollected Guruji blessings and Immediately I informed him that I am very happy for the first time without any obstacles I was able to finish the divine book. I conveyed my sincere Pranamas and gratitude to Guruji.  Followed by as per Guruji's word - By the time we went to have his darshan in 2019 year, by then my husband got promotion in his job as well. 

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