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Experience of Devotee, NC, USA, 2018

With Sadhgurus grace in the 2018 year I had Sri Mohan Jadhav Guruji’s darshan bhagyam in Charlotte, NC. Followed by the same day I learned how to perform Agnihotra and benefits of doing it from Guruji. Ever since I started doing Agnihotra I see great changes in myself like my attitude changed started working on leading virtuous life along with these once I  started listening to Guruji’s Speeches on Yagna, Dana, Tapa, from “Swami Samartha speaks Guruji pravachan audio links” listening to those pravachan’s helped me to open my eyes to understand the truth to lead a fruitful life. 

Now that I understood the truth by listening to Guruji’s pravachan, leading my life is becoming easy than it was before and those pravachan’s information really helped me to develop awareness on how to lead a fruitful life by following disciplines, having unshakable faith at our Sadhgurus lotus feet, also to have Ekalakshya ( Single point focus ) in our life. Later Guruji suggested me to do MruthyumJay Swahakar and ever since he suggested me, guided me I started doing that with good faith and ever since I started doing MruthymJay Swahakar  Sri Satya Sai Baba started forming on my Agni Kunda from 2019 December month. My joy has no boundaries with his divine presence and with divine experience!!! My sincere pranamas to Mohan Jadhav Guruji for introducing Agnihotra and Mruthyumjay Swahakar in my life.

Also, from December Month on continuously Sri Mohan Jadhav Guruji, Swami Samartha Maharaj started coming in my dreams and having their darshan in my dreams always gives me so much positive energy to lead my life, gives me the strength to face my materialistic life challenges. In fact, ever since I started connected to Sri Mohan Jadhav Guruji my bonding with Sri Swami Samartha Maharaj increased rapidly started having Swami Samartha Maharaj’s darshan bhagyam in my dreams.

 The most important dream I would like to share with everyone is:

One day I went to have Sri Mohan Jadhav Guruji’s darshan and the moment Guruji saw me he kept his finger at my Agna chakra (between my eyebrows). The moment Guruji touched me at Agna Chakra I started experiencing like an electric shock in that area and started having Sri Satya Sai Baba darshan from my Agna chakra. Later after once I woke up from my dream, I had  realized I am in my bed in my house yet I still had that severe  pain at Agna chakra then I realized that was not just the dream that is 100% truth and felt blessed to have such wonderful true experience with Guruji.

I am from Andhrapradesh. I am Lord Dattatreya Swami devotee and I have a Sadhguru in my life his name is Sri Sri Sri Swami Vittalananda Saraswathi Maharaj (Sri Vittal Babaji). Ever since Sri Mohan Jadhav Guruji entered into my life and taught me Agnihotra, Mruthyumjay Swahakar followed by listening to his teachings from his Pravacahan’s really helped me to transform my life and every single day I thank my Sadhguru Sri Vittal Babaji for showing Sri Mohan Jadhav Guruji to help me transform into my life. My sincere pranamas to both Sadhgurus lotus feet.

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