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O'Travellers of Kingdom of Heaven, travel on the Fivefold Path, path of Almighty Father, path of the ancient Rishis, path of the holy Prophets. Light, everywhere Light. No fear of the day of judgement, no cares, no anxieties.Bliss ever bliss. Sun is shining over New Era. Kingdom of Heaven is nearing now. O near at hand.

Om Tat Sat! 

- Message by Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj


Fivefold path consists of 5 paths - Yagnya (Fire Ritual), Daan (Donation), Tapa (Meditation), Karma (Action) and Swadhyaya (Self Study). Fivefold path is the secret to happy living. 

Agnihotra is the first step towards the practice of Fivefold Path of Life.

Agnihotra is helping humanity to achieve love, peace and plenty.

Agnihotra creates physical wellbeing free of day to day ailments.

Promotes love and peace: Humanity is operating under fear and anxiety, thereby producing psychosomatic problems. They are corrected at grass roots level bringing them to their natural state loving each other.

Helps humanity to mitigate natural calamities

Helps reduce pollution

Produces whole some food through Vedic agriculture that produce nourishing food free of toxins and pesticides and abundance of crop

The Ancient Science of Healing and purification for individual and universal welfare. Every human being has a birthright to seek salvation & 

Agnihotra is the first step. Perform and believe your experience...


"Our Mission is to establish Veda Dharma -

One Heart at a time ...
One family at a time ...
where the Divine is thriving and radiating in infinite abundance and Effulgence Always, All the time. That is Dharma..
That is heaven on Earth & That is Ram Rajya!!!
That is Kingdom of Heaven on Earth NOW!!

Om Tat Sat!"

- Message by Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

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