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Sahasra Chandi Yaag - Nov 2022

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

God Almighty as we know, takes human form for the welfare of all the beings, time and time again. Supreme Masters (Sadgurus) are the manifestation of that Supreme Truth-Almighty God.

Sahasra Chandi - 2021 - Kamakhya - Flyer
Sahasra Chandi - 2021 - Kamakhya - Flyer

Our Sadguru Shree Mohan Guruji performed many yagnya for vishwa kalyan. As a part of it, seven Shata Chandi yagnya were performed. On 21st Nov 2021, Sahasra Chandi yaag was performed at Kamakhya shaktipeeth. Chandi paath is recitation of Durga Saptashati, and its yagnya is Shasra Chandi by reciting Saptashati paath mantra one thousand times. This was one of the milestones of our most beloved Sadguru for vishwa kalyan.

Sahasra Chandi 2021 - Kamakhya - Kalash for Inaugaration
Sahasra Chandi 2021 Kamakhya - Kalash for Inaugaration

These current times we are living in, are full of internal and external pollution. Kamakhya is the seat of tantra and the Supreme Mother is worshipped as Ma Kamakhya. This Sahasra Chandi yaag was the platform where Ma Mangala Chandika (The most loving and auspicious form of the Divine Mother) descended to conquer evil and resurrect loving, peaceful worship of the Divine Mother. She is that highest form of Divine Energy that is required to heal this Universe by spreading peace, love and welfare of humanity.

Guru Mata Bhagavatiji, Inaugurating the Sahasra Chandi Yagnya.

Guru Mata Bhagavatiji, doing the Sankalpa of Sahasra Chandi Yagnya.

|| Hari OM ||

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