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Narmada Parikrama for Vishwa Kalyan

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Nov 7th 2023 - Feb 26th 2023

Beloved Mother Bhagavatiji leading the Narmada Group
Beloved Mother Bhagavatiji leading the Narmada Group

Our beloved Sadguru Shree Mohan Guruji undertook this mission of Vishwa Kalyan (Universal auspiciousness) under the able guidance of Guru Mata Bhagavatiji. Ma Narmada Parikrama is very important to this mission.

Ma Narmada river is one of the oldest rivers of India. She is called as Reva and is one of the oldest rivers of India. She is also referred to as “Mayya or Ma" as she takes care of all the beings as a mother. Puranas (Ancient Indian Vedic Texts) , consider Ma Narmada to be the daughter of the Supreme Lord Shiva. She is considered “Raudri” as she came from Rudra (Shiva) himself.

Ma Narmada river is the only river that we perform Parikrama (Circumambulation). This Parikrama was started thousands of years ago by Markandeya Maharshi (A rishi from prehistoric times) who did this for the first time in a period of 7 years.

Naramda Parikrama by walk for 108 days - Team of 16
Narmada Baana Linga
Narmada Bana Linga

Since then, Maharshis, Deva (gods) / Devata's (goddesses) / humans and realized souls have been doing this Parikrama and is elevating the energies of this place, hence this is Tapo bhoomi (Holy Land).

Ma Narmada flows in India in the mid section from East to West. It arises from Amarkantak at Maikal Parvat (Mountain) and merges into the Arabian sea in the west coast at Reva sangam.

Ma Naramda Mata
Ma Naramda Mata

With the grace of beloved Sadguru Shree Mohan Guruji, our beloved mother Smt. Bhagavatiji and an array of 16 Agnihotries accomplished this mission in 108 days. Agnihotra, yagnas and meditation performed during this parikrama has rejuvenated and elevated the energies of the atmosphere of this Tapo Bhoomi.

People living on the banks of Ma Narmada, are blessed and superbly cultured. Most of them are poor beyond description and yet all of them serve the Parikrama vasee with love and devotion as they see Ma Narmada in all of the them. This Parikrama was accomplished in 108 days.

When the people on the banks of Narmada received this message of Agnihotra, they jumped at this divine opportunity and immediately started performing Agnihotra with love and joy.

All these native people on the banks of Narmada are being greatly benefited by Agnihotra. They are now one with our worldwide Agnihotra family and became part of Shree Guruji's divine mission.

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