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Practicing Agnihotra regularly will purify the surrounding environment and nullifies the Nuclear / Air / Water / Soil Pollution to a great extent.

Agnihotra is basically a healing process. ‘Heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere will heal you’--- is the Modus Operandi.

What we discussed above is all about the material aspects of Yagna. The extremely subtle effects are by far the more important. Like humans, matter too, has three bodies -- physical, subtle and causal. The body which eats, sleeps, walks, acts; which consists blood, flesh etc, and is visible man’s physical body. Subtle body is that which thinks, considers and controls the physical body. Causal or astral body is that in which faith, convictions aspirations etc., are deeply rooted.

The subtle body is much more powerful as 28 compared to the physical body. The causal body is several times more powerful than the subtle body. The causal energy underlying all the Havishya used in Yagna is stimulated by the rituals prescribed for the Yagna performance. Only then alone it is possible to affect desired changes in the mind and consciousness of the participants. If this is not done, the effects of Yagna will be limited to the physical chemical effects of vaporization of specific substances. No doubt, several benefits can be derived by these effects too.

The fumes of Yagnya remove foul smell and spread soothing fragrance. It can also helps in controlling virus infection and thereby promoting physical health. This is however, an insignificant achievement, as compared to the vast potential of Yagnya [2]. Importance of Yagnya lies in the subtle power of the substances which are offered in the sacrificial fire.

The selection of a particular wood or Havan Samagri depends on the purpose for which Yagna is performed. In order to stimulate the causal energy, of the offering, help of the science of Mantras is taken. The conductor of Yagnya takes all precautions to ensure that the Mantras are uttered, pronounced and appropriated correctly in the pitch voice , rhythm and tone duly prescribed.

Strict discipline is required to be maintained, and there should be no deviation. Shabda (The eternal and cosmic sound) is termed as Brahm. Ordinarily, it is used for exchanging of thoughts but at subtler and higher levels in Mantra, Shabda plays the role of getting transformed into potential energy.

The entire basis of the Mantra Shastra stands on the footing that the selection, interlocking and appropriation of words in a Mantra exist in such a way that it becomes possible to get miraculous advantage by making the causal energy of Shabda specifically enhanced and made more powerful.

All the pots and even water used in the Yagnya are purified by specific Mantras before use. The fire-wood (Samidhas) are washed, dried and used after they are duly sanctified by Mantras. The process of Vedi pujan 29 and Yagnashala pujan are restored to make the Havan kund live --- with awaken causal energy.

This as a whole is the scientific process of mass medication which strengthens the spiritual basis of the Yagnya process. It is generally experienced that Yagiya (Agnihotra)--- atmosphere is very compatible and alluring for attaining spiritual uplift. Dr. Motohama of Tokyo, Japan has studied the effects of Agnihotra, with his instrument for measuring electric fields surrounding the body.

He has reported that -- after performing an Agnihotra, the Anahata Chakra (cardiac plexus) exhibits similar condition that exists after psychic and spiritual healings.

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