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Material Science - Copper Pyramid

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Agnihotra is performed in an inverted Pyramid Shaped Agni Kunda (pyramid) made preferably of Copper.

The word ‘pyramid’ means the fire in the middle’. This ancient-word meaning for pyramid is closely connected with the inexplicable energies emanating from its central shape. The pyramid shape is widely experienced to generate and store a special energy field, which possess bacteriostatic properties.

The inverted pyramid shape of the Agni kunda (also called Havan Kunda) allows controlled generation and multidirectional dissipation of energy. It acts as a generator of unusual energy fields and spreads them in its surrounding atmosphere. For a daily Agnihotra (Balivaishva) a small copper pot is used.

The inverted pyramid shaped Agnihotra pot receives , generates and decentralizes electro-sphere. It acts as an effective bacteriostatic and antimicrobial reactor. Copper is universally acknowledged for its excellent conduction of electricity and heat.

The Agnihotra has an obvious link with fire, heat, electro-magnetic force and because of its inverted pyramid shaped Kunda, it does have connection with the cosmic energy fields. The dimensions of the copper pot used for the daily Agnihotra are: 14.5 cm×14.5cm at the top. 5.25cm×5.25 cm at the bottom and 6.5 cm in height with three steps.

For large scale Yagnyas, the dimensions are increased proportionately and the Kundas are also made up of specific combinations of clays. A part from the pyramid shape, some other special symmetric geometrical designs are also used according to the kind of energy fields and the cosmic currents required to be generated by the Yagnya. Specific types of Kundas are recommended for different kinds of Yagnyas.

|| Hari OM ||

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