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Jaganmata Sarada


Jaganmata Sarada


Jaganmata Sarada

Jaganmata Sharada is the devoted wife of Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj called lovingly Vahni by disciples. She is the mother of Shreekantji Maharaj. All along, the devotees had discovered in her the true mother -caring, comforting, tenderly affectionate, merciful. A warmth full of true love always flowed from her person soothing the hearts of her children.

Fulfilling the role of a devoted wife, Mother Sharada shared a major responsibility in her husbands mission - "You look after the spiritual upliftment of the devotees and I will take care of their worldly affairs." was her role. Feeding the people with affectionate insistence was her most favorite indulgence. She was running the households of many poor and needy families by taking care of their monetary needs. 

She did this with remarkable ease. Her house hold or her world was not encompassed in the precincts of the four walls and around her husband, daughter and son but it was beyond all that. In her person one could see at any time the perfect image of purity, sanctity, auspice and affection. Her life was a living example portraying the ideal image of a disciplined, dutiful woman. She conducted her life very faithfully in the observance of various religious austerities, fasting, and religious festivals.

Living as a shadow of her glorious husband she did not let her own divine qualities surface. She kept them under cover as if wishing that the devotees and disciples should concentrate all their energies only at the holy feet of Paramsadguru. She did not want to share any of it, neither desired to get even some diverted towards her. She conducted herself as a good tempered, benevolent woman. At the end, however, inborn divinity surfaced. The Mother terminated her sojourn at the lotus feet of her divine husband, Paramsadguru. This angel of love, mercy and affection known as Jaganmata Sharada attained the supreme divinity she had eluded so far.

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan maharaj with Wife Jaganmata Sarada

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