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Shri Dixshit Sakha Apte


Shri Dixshit Sakha Apte

Agnishtomyaji/Somayaji Dikshit Shri Sakha Apte was guided by Lord Parashuram in 1946 to Param Sadguru Shree. He visited Swami Samartha mutt, from there Lord Parashuram guided him to Gurumandir where Param Sadguru Shree was. Lord Parashuram guided as a tonga vala, (horse carriage driver). 

He impressed Param Sadguru Shree so much, that he suggested him to accept Srouta Agnihotra. The first Shrouta Agnihotra is inaugurated by Param Sadguru Shree in Mapusa, Goa. There after in 1969 the first Maha Somayaag occured in Shivapuri. Dixshit Sakha Apte was the yajaman. This Somayaag was performed after 2,500 years after the earlier Somayaag.

Sakha Hari Apte hailing from Mapuca in Goa reached Akkalkot in the year 1945. In reality he was drawn towards his destination. He hailed from a Vedic family following spiritual practices in line with the Yajurveda tradition. Immediately after alighting at Akkalkot Road Station, he saw one horse-cart to travel to Akkalkot town which lies at a distance of about 7 miles. All happenings thereon can be classified only as inconceivable! Actually at that time no such horse-cart existed in the town. Apte was not aware how far he had to travel and how much time it would require but he certainly remembers that he was driven to his destination within almost no time at all! He was brought at the lotus feet of his master by divine will.
He says, "I remember the day very clearly when I first came to Gurumandir. A young radiant yogi was standing in the main hall door of the math. He welcomed me with these amazing words "Come. I have been waiting for your arrival!"
Apte was immediately attracted by the divine luster on Shree's face and he accepted Him as his master. Apte was asked by Shree to learn the chanting of Veda. He had resolved in the presence of Paramsadguru, that he would commence Agnihotra as described in Vedic scriptures. This formal Vedic rite was performed on the no moon day of Vaisakh month in the year 1963. The three altars were built and three sacrificial fires called Garhapatya, Ahavaniya and Daksinagni ie.Tretagni were churned from two pieces of woods amidst the chanting of Vedic mantras and firmly installed in his house never to go away. Shree had specially come to Goa for this function. He later revealed referring to this episode that it was a predestined day and only to rekindle the dormant Fire of Lord Parshuram he had visited Goa. And it so happened that the visit of Prime Minister of India Shri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Goa coincided with the same day on which Shree was reestablishing the lost tradition of Agnihotra. Goa was granted freedom from the Portuguese rule and Nehru's visit was to celebrate the occasion. As if when the science of Yajnya was being revived by Shree, the entire city of Goa was in jovial state. The land of Parashuram was filled with joy. The reason for this being, the Yajnya system - the backbone of Vedic religion was taking roots. 

This same 'Ahitagni' Apte played the chief role of Yajamana (sacrificer) of Somayaga that was performed at Shivapuri in 1969. This was a unique yajnya in itself. On this occasion, because the lost tradition of pure Vedic yajnyas was being reiterated by Shree. Vedic pandits who were well versed and trained under the guru-hood of great Vedic scholars, were summoned from all over the country A great cause was served by the Somayaga of 1969. In the annals of history of Vedic religion, after thousands of years, totally 'violence free' Yajnya was performed precisely according to the injunctions of Vedas. Shree insisted that no animal may be sacrificed in this Yajnya as this was in accordance with Vedic teachings. Referring to the 'violence-free' Yajnya Paramsadguru announced later, "Hence forth only Satvic Yajnyas will have to be performed. Even to offer a symbolic Pista Pashu (replica of animal prepared out of dough) amounts to committing nothing but violence. As such people offer Pista Pashu just because they are helpless, not being in a position to carry out actual animal sacrifice. That too is totally wrong. Violence in any form is unacceptable to Vedas".

Now, his three sons Shri Mahadev Dixshit Hari Apte, Shri Dixshit Deepak Apte and Shri Dixshit Prakash Apte are all Shrouta Agnihotris. Recently Shri Dixshit Bhallal Apte and Shri Dixshit Achal Apte sons of Shri Hari Apte has also accepted Shoruta Agnihotra.


Shri Dixshit Sakha Apte with his wife

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