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Scientific Facts About Agnihotra

Performing Agnihotra one time releases approximately 5 gallons of oxygen into the atmosphere. This amount of oxygen is equivalent to the average requirement of oxygen for a person in his entire lifetime.

Photo-Chemical process : When all the volatile substances are diffused in the surrounding atmosphere, these are further subjected to photochemical reactions in the sunlight. It has been recommended that Agnihotra should be performed in the presence of strong sunlight. These changes occur in the ultra-violet and other short wavelength regions.

The products of fumigation thus go photochemical decomposition, oxidation and reduction. To some extent even CO2 is also reduced to formaldehyde as follows:
CO2 + H2 O + 112,000 cal. = HCHO = O2 From environmental angle, reduction of CO2 produced in Agnihotra as above and the liberation of oxygen cannot be overemphasized.
There is a strong gush of bio-dynamic energy that is attracted from the cosmos and spread to the entire area of a 2-mile radius where Agnihotra is performed. This gush of energy kills the germs and pollutants in the atmosphere purifying the air and increasing the quality of the air. This has been proven by Russian scientists in 1982 in Poland.

​Performing Agnihotra during the morning and evening sunrise and sunset times, with cow manure cakes soaked in clarified ghee and offering nutrient-dense rice to the fire, there is an atmospheric effect produced. This intense effect feeds the atmosphere which in turn feeds the soil and thereby the plants. This is all a chained reaction. ​

Agnihotra nullifies the nuclear radiation which is otherwise impossible to heal by itself. The places where Agnihotra is performed have the lowest carbon monoxide and radioactivity recorded. Hence it's a simple yet highly scientific technique to tackle nuclear radiation.
Agnihotra causes the movement of life forces in the atmosphere and reduces the stagnation of water with all the bio-dynamic convection of current moving into the location where Agnihotra is performed and the life force pushed out.
Due to this, there is a cycle of events that happen in 12 hour period from Morning Agnihotra generating a subtle motion of micro-movement of energy causing the water to move and not be stagnant and rotten.
With Agnihotra, we are creating an atomized mist of nutrients. The cow manure which we know is incredibly nutritious. We add Ghee and carbohydrates (rice) in Agnihotra, so we are taking all these nutrients and burning them and releasing them into the atmosphere and we are generating an atomized and vaporized mist.
The physical things that are noticed in the land where Agnihotra is practiced, are flowers that came earlier, they lasted longer, and precipitation was more available.
So if there was a drought, there would be at least a mist in the morning. If there are clouds in the sky there would be at least precipitation in the afternoon.
​As far as agriculture and farming goes it's the soil that feeds the plants. During the morning all the energies of the plants are moving up into the sky and during evening all the energies move back into the earth. So there is this energy flow through plants/ grass/vegetables. Agnihotra syncs the biorhythm into the biosphere and hence heals the environment naturally and profoundly. This reduces the pollutants and increases the life force in the air, water, and soil contributing to a clean atmosphere.

Read along to know more about the science behind this ancient technique of Agnihotra.

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