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Material Science - Gomay (gowri)

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Dr. Shirowich (Russia) remarks on Gomay (dried cow dung patties) used in Agnihotra

The Materials used to perform Agnihotra have healing properties. According to Dr. Shirowich, a Russian scientist. Dried Cow dung patties are the base for fire in Agnihotra or any Yagnya.

Cow’s milk contains great power of protection from atomic radiation; Houses having cow-dung-covered floors enjoy complete protection from atomic radiation;

If cow’s ghee is put into a Yagnya fire, its fumes lessen the effect of atomic radiation to a great extent.
The medicinal fumes emanating from Agnihotra have been observed by researchers in the field of microbiology to be clearly bacteriolethal in nature.

These eradicate bacteria and other micro-organisms, which are the root cause of illness and diseases. This must be the reason why the incidence of physical ailments, sickness and diseases becomes less in the households, where Agnihotra is regularly performed.

Agnihotra helps drug addicts to get over their craving for drugs because Agnihotra removes negative stereotype thoughts and motivates for positive approach by love and compassion.
All the psycho therapeutic advances have failed to control a habitual addict. Agnihotra is a new hope in this field.
The above cases suggest that daily Agnihotra will be useful in treating a diabetic patient of any age, at any level within 3 to 6 months.

We have discovered more research pertaining to Agnihotra’s healing applications that is not seemingly known to the general public.

With this Organization and its activities, we would like to highlight the research performed with Agnihotra and reintroduce this science as a tool that can contribute to sustainability, ecological balance, reversal of seemingly irreversible pollutants (e.g., nuclear radiation), organic farming that produces more nutrient dense foods (Homa farming), and holistic self and community healing.

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