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Case Study - Water Pollution

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Practicing Agnihotra regularly will purify the surrounding environment and nullifies the Nuclear / Air / Water / Soil Pollution to a great extent.

Agnihotra is basically a healing process. ‘Heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere will heal you’--- is the Modus Operandi.

With the alarmingly high amount of chemicals that are released into water, the drinking water is completely polluted. Water is fed with the air and its quality. Since this air is already polluted, water pollution is unavoidable.

Agnihotra reduces air pollution significantly causing the movement of life forces in the atmosphere and reducing the stagnation of water with all the bio-dynamic convection of current moving into the location where Agnihotra is performed and the life force pushed out.

Due to this, there is a cycle of events that happen in 12 hour period from Morning Agnihotra generating a subtle motion of micro-movement of energy causing the water to move and not be stagnant and rotten​.

Results of Some Recent Experiments:

A group of scientists led by Dr. Manoj Garg, Director, Environmental and Technical Consultants and the Uttar Pradesh pollution control board conducted experiments during the Ashwamedha Yagna at Gorakhpur, U.P. A summary of their results ( [1] - Akhand Jyoti, Sept. ‘97 p.22) is presented below:

These experiments were set up at about 20 meters east from the Yagnashala. The samples of 100 ml each of water and air collected from the surroundings were analyzed using high volume envirotech APM-45 and other sensitive instruments.

The medicinal fumes emanating from Agnihotra have been observed by researchers in the field of microbiology to be clearly bacteriolethal in nature. These eradicate bacteria and other micro-organisms, which are the root cause of illness and diseases. This must be the reason why the incidence of physical ailments, sickness and diseases becomes less in the households, where Agnihotra is regularly performed. 14 Even without going into detailed chemical bacteriology, it can be stated that performance of Yagnya leads to purification of air. This takes place in the following four ways :

Removal of Bacteria :

As stated under products of combustion, the partial oxidation of hydrocarbons and decomposition of complex organic substances produce formaldehyde which is a powerful antiseptic. It is also interesting to note that germicidal action of formaldehyde is only effective in the presence of water vapor which is also produced in large quantities in Yagnya. The use of formaldehyde spray for disinfecting of walls, ceiling etc., is common and such a spray is automatically produced when Yagnya is performed. The oxidation of hydrocarbons also produces formic acid and acetic acid both of which are good disinfectants. Use of formic acid for preservation of fruits and that of acetic acid in preserving vinegar is a common practice. The antiseptic and antibiotic effects of fumes of Yagnya have also been examined by conducting suitable experiments on rabbits and mice and it has been established that fumes emitted in Yagnya are powerful antibiotic. Agnihotra ash purifies and cleanses the water making it fit for drinking [5].

Effects on Plants and Vegetation :

Research from Pranay Abhang

|| Hari OM ||

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