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A Simple Agnihotra for Daily Practice

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Environmental pollution and ‘mechanical’ approach to life today is adversely affecting the human mind and body. Increase in the incidence of a wide variety of diseases and the downfall of moral values adding to stress, strain, hatred, jealousy, lust, enmity and violence witnessed in our daily interactions with people stand as proofs of this deplorable state of life. We also notice that the remedies which appeared effective only a few year ago have now started inducing side effects which are undesirable. Until and unless the environmental toxins and the demoralizing factors are neutralized at the same rate with which they are spread, there is little hope of healthy survival.

Sustaining the ecological balance, purifying the environment and developing healthy body and mind are the tasks which are demanding timely action from each and every individual.

Agnihotra, the simplest form of ‘Yajnya/Homa’ performed in many countries all over the world. Although it’s an ancient fire ritual, it is based on scientific aspects. It invokes sunrise and sunset timings, when far infrared radiations are produced from the sun, the burning of cow ghee, dried cow dung, and unpolished rice in the typical inverted pyramidal-shaped copper pot with the chanting of mantras about sun (Surya) and fire (Agni). It is found that far infrared radiations of the sun and that of Agnihotra resonate to generate a huge amount of vital energy useful for life processes. The fumes and ash of Agnihotra are useful to purify water and air, ameliorate agriculture, reduce the pathogenicity of microorganisms, and help to improve the health of living beings. Performing Agnihotra with the right timings and ingredients will create a conducive atmosphere in the surrounding for the well-being of life.

Performing Agnihotra one time releases approximately 5 gallons of oxygen into the atmosphere. This amount of oxygen is equivalent to the average oxygen requirement for a person in his entire lifetime. There is a strong gush of bio-dynamic energy that is attracted from the cosmos and spread to the entire area of a 2-mile radius where Agnihotra is performed. This gush of energy kills the germs and pollutants in the atmosphere purifying the air and increasing the quality of the air. This has been proven by Russian scientists in 1982 in Poland.

Agnihotra nullifies the nuclear radiation which is otherwise impossible to heal by itself.

The places where Agnihotra is performed have the lowest carbon monoxide and radioactivity recorded. Hence it's a simple yet highly scientific technique to tackle nuclear radiation.

Agnihotra causes the movement of life forces in the atmosphere and reduces the stagnation of water with all the bio-dynamic convection of current moving into the location where Agnihotra is performed and the life force pushed out. Due to this, there is a cycle of events that happen in 12 hour period from Morning Agnihotra generating a subtle motion of micro-movement of energy causing the water to move and not be stagnant and rotten. With Agnihotra, we are creating an atomized mist of nutrients. The cow manure which we know is incredibly nutritious. We add Ghee and carbohydrates (rice) in Agnihotra, so we are taking all these nutrients and burning them and releasing them into the atmosphere and we are generating an atomized and vaporized mist.

The physical things that are noticed in the land where Agnihotra is practiced, are flowers that came earlier, they lasted longer, and precipitation was more available. Read the blog post below to learn more about the science behind Agnihotra.

The process of performing daily Agnihotra, as described below, is very simple, inexpensive and requires only a few minutes to perform. Yet it is very effective and beneficial in all eventualities.

Performance of the Yagnya ( Agnihotra), is free from the barriers of nationality, caste, creed, religion, age or sex etc. Anyone who wants to be healthy, happy and stress-free should start performing Agnihotra at the first available opportunity. Generally, happy and helpful atmosphere is found in such houses.

Agnihotra is specifically tuned with the biological clock and the vital energy cycle has been studied by the ‘Institute for studies in Vedic Sciences’ located in --- Akkalkot, (District Solapur) in Maharashtra, India. This institute is acting as a network for evaluating the experiences of people, who perform Agnihotra on the basis of results obtained from time to time. The main features of this Agnihotra are described below.

Biological Clocks and Agnihotra Timings

Sunrise and Sunset are the two most important transitional epochs of day on our planet.They exert tremendous impact on living organisms. During these periods, changes of great magnitude take place in the ecosphere which cause vital impact on life and environment. Synchronizing performance of Agnihotra with these activated moments results in attracting a stream of vital, life sustaining energies of the solar system. The daily fluctuations in the body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure have been found associated with these exact moments.

The science of Yoga and Nadi system too have been observed to be greatly influenced by these planetary transitional moments. The breathing patterns automatically undergo drastic changes. These physical changes and re-adjustments have great impact on the psychosomatic makeup of human beings. Hence the process of Agnihotra which coincides with them, plays an important role in harmonizing the natural functioning of human mind and body. The beneficial effect of sunrise Agnihotra sustains the atmosphere till sunset and the sunset Agnihotra is sustains the atmosphere till the sunrise. In this manner, an unending and active ‘healing cycle’ is established in the houses where this Agnihotra, is performed every day

Cow dung Cake:


Performing the Sunrise Agnihotra:

(A) Morning Agnihotra:

(B) Sunset Agnihotra:

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