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Shri Mahadev Shabade Kaka


Mahadevappa Shabade is the fellow student of Shree Gajanan Maharaj when he was in Shahaji High School of Akkalkot. Shree would stay to Himself and did not freely mix with everyone except Shabade kaka. He was very affectionate with Shabade kaka. Both used to share a bench. Even if Shree would be absent on a particular day no one would sit on His bench. Shabade kaka followed Paramsadguru later like His shadow. He followed and obeyed Paramsadguru's every word like a command.

As footwear Shree used 'Padukas' (Wooden sleepers or shoes). He was wearing since many years, as is the practice of ascetics. However due to an incident He abstained from their use. It was since 1946 or 47. Once He was in Bombay for His annual visit in the month of Shrawan. On the day of His return He was to reach the railway station after visiting various houses of His devotees. Since morning He was wearing the Padukas. At the last house, before taking His seat, when He removed the 'Padukas' and kept them aside and didn't put them on. After the visit He came out of the house without wearing them and sat in the car. He told Shabade to take care of them. Shabade put them in a carry-bag and accompanied Shree to the railway station. Shree was travelling first class and Shabade was in the adjoining compartment. Once again Shree told him to keep the Padukas carefully. After reaching Akkalkot Shabade took them out from the bag and kept them in front of the worship room in the math. Somehow Shree did not wear them and they remained just where Shabade had kept them. After two or three days Shabade saw in a vision the familiar Padukas of Shree. The Padukas were the same but the feet wearing them were that of Shri Swami Samarth. Five days before this vision Shree had already stopped wearing them. Now after hearing about the vision from Shabade, Shree thought why should He wear the Padukas of Shri Swami Samarth and thus permanently discontinued use of them. Since then they have been kept aside, now in a closed wooden box in His personal room upstairs in the Math.

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