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Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj


Six Piligrims

Shree had the privilege of making six pilgrimages along with Lord Parashuram. Normally these travels used to be always early in the evening and they used to return to the Math say about 15 to 20 minutes before 7 p.m. To and fro journey was always by celestial path. However they used to land 50 to 100 yards ahead of the place that was to be visited and covered the remaining distance on foot in the normal way. Both of them had traveled using the aerial routes with their physical body and not on the astral plane. Striking feature of this extraordinary travel appears to be that a considerable distance from Akkalkot to inaccessible peaks of Himalayas was covered in almost no time .The whole incidence has occurred in such a spellbinding manner that none has noticed the absence of Shree from His abode. The locations like the ashram of sage Vyasa are on the physical plane but nevertheless they are somehow hidden from the eyes of normal human beings. It means that these places mentioned in the epics do exist on the planet along with the immortal beings engaged in practicing the Tapa(austerities). In later years Shree used to narrate these journeys with minute details. These moments were His most treasured memories.
Following is an account as narrated by Shree.


"One evening, in the twilight hours, Lord Parshuram took us to a place which was like a plateau. We were told this is Sahyadri (a mountain range in Maharashtra) Plateau. After ascending three steep terrain's we reached a place where there was a small grass hut in which He and following Him We entered. We had to bend considerably low before we could enter it. Coming out from there looking towards the ravine from the top we saw a small river flowing. All around was lush greenery, chirping of birds was ringing in the ears. The atmosphere was heavenly. After some time we returned. No conversation took place.
Twenty years later, in the month of January, we visited a place of pilgrimage called Parashuram Kshetra (near Chiplun in Maharashtra). During this trip we were following a discipline of silence On seeing the surrounding atmosphere, instantly we realized that this was the same place we had visited earlier along with the Lord".


"Our second journey was to Himalayas. This time we visited the hermitage of the ancient sage Vyasa. On our way we saw a natural cave. We peered inside with observant eyes and saw an old sage sitting in deep meditation. A woman was sitting on one side of the cave with a musical string -instrument in her hands . Observing we kept walking ahead. We presumed that the lady was going to use the instrument to announce the evening Agnihotra time to the meditating sage or may be this instrument was played in joy, on completion of the sage's meditation. Those thoughts were looming in our mind when the hermitage, situated about 20-25 meters away, came into our sight. At this very moment we noticed a fierce tiger approaching us from the hermitage. Before we could think of anything we were told by the accompanying sage that he is non- violent. The tiger came and turning back began walking towards the hermitage along with us. The ashram was now only 5-6 meters away when a mongoose like animal was seen going inside it. Spotting this the tiger leapt after it. Spotting this we surmised that the animal, after all, is demonstrating its natural instinct.

When both of us entered the hermitage Sage Vyasa was in the process of wearing a garment made of barks. From the wet beard and the matted- locks it appeared that he had just taken an evening bath. We were introduced to sage Vyasa in these words " He is the one about whom we had told you." Sage Vyas said nothing, only expressed sheer bliss on his face. Behind him was a small group of immortal beings and sages appearing in epics and mythological accounts. Turning to the assembly of these holy beings, around a dozen in number, sage Vyasa , introduced Us to them in a mute language gesticulating with his hands. We heard the voice of one of these persons joyfully saying, "Oh, so You are the one." A second voice said, " we knew that You are coming." The third voice echoed, "Your coming has pleased us immensely." We departed hereafter. Fire was lit and ready in the Yajnya altar of the hermitage for the evening Agnihotra time. Then we returned to Math. "


"In yet another travel with Lord Parashuram we saw the entire area all around us covered with snow. We were told this is Himalaya. Later we learnt correctly that this was the mountain peak of Gnadhamaadan which is located near holy mountain Kailas and Manas sarovar Lake. These places are at extremely high altitude and are very difficult to climb.
The atmosphere over here was very pleasant. Land being fully covered with snow we had to walk on snow but this was not causing any problem. At one spot where we stopped while walking we saw a small hut (called 'Chatti') close to the place where we were standing. We did not look inside but from outside estimated that its interiors must be as big as the size of a small room. The moment our eyes rested on this hut Lord Parshuram told us, reading what was in our mind, "Travelers stop here for rest"
Shree could experience a fact that it was not necessary to ask any questions to Lord Parashuram. He is referred to be 'Poorvabhibhashi' meaning "a divine being capable of answering your query even before you begin speaking about it". He could actually understand the thoughts of others even before thy were verbally expressed. He read other people's minds clearly.

"The sunset was about 1 to 11/2 hours away because from where we were standing we could see the sun in front of our eyes. The feel of the sunlight at this hour was so pleasant as if it was the soothing cool light of the full-moon.
The overall effect instinctively inspired us to chant the esoteric Tripuri mantra as long as possible.
In front of the place where we were standing we saw a few strange animals which we had never seen before. Spotting them now we thought that they might be some milking animals. The moment this thought came in our mind, we were immediately told by Lord Parashuram, actually this was the Yak-animal of Himalayan mountains. The hilly people use it for all transport and agricultural activities as also use its milk.
Just then we saw a carriage passing. Our gaze was glued on the person sitting in the passenger seat of the carriage. The appearance of this person was so strikingly amazing that we could not remove our eyes from him. This person was enormously chubby. A round face, a very big round head. On this round head he was wearing a small bowl shaped cap, yellow skinned he was wearing a very thin moustache on this huge round face, so thin as if a thin line is drawn by a pencil. This was how he looked. A bit strange but attractive appearance. We saw this scene for a few seconds as the carriage passed in front of us."

A little while later we returned to the Math."


"During yet another aerial journey we were taken to the most holy mountain top of Kailash."


"Our fifth pilgrimage was late in the night. This time we found ourselves standing in front of the idol of Lord Vitthala in the sanctum sanctorum of the Vitthal Mandir of Pandharpur (Maharashtra State, India)
The doors of this sacred room were locked from outside and as the wee hours were approaching the thought that a priest or somebody might open the locks and enter suddenly was bothering us. However nothing of the sort happened and soon we were back in the Math."


"Our sixth travel too was late in the night or rather it was in the wee hours. This time we went to Shri Shailam (in Andhra Pradesh). Here the first worship early in the morning is performed by divine beings. Even at this time we were standing near the Shiva-lingam for a while. We saw fresh flowers offered to the Lingam in worship." 

"We returned to the Math after some time."

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